How Top Stream can help.

For organisations and businesses:

  • Audit of neurodiversity strengths, challenges and vulnerabilities in your business.  A collaborative fact-finding process that identifies where your business is at in getting the best from your top technical talent, where it needs to get to and how to go about it.
  • Highly specialist consultation on neurodiversity.  Including strategies for selection, recruitment, performance management and talent retention, Top Stream helps you create environments in which top technical talent can thrive
  • Facilitated learning and coaching for managers and leaders.  This aims to develop the capacity of managers and leaders to engage different kinds of minds.  This can integrate easily with other provision for leadership development.
  • Highly specialist and differentiated coaching for your top technical talent.  Through a strengths-based process of raised self awareness, this coaching is tailored to an individuals’s cognitive profile.  This is often offered at a time of change, career progression or increasing social demands e.g. “expert to leader”.
  • Talent and Manager coaching.  Aimed at developing understanding, communication and the most effective, sustainable working relationship.
  • Training and support for internal coaches and mentors.  Ways to differentiate this provision within your business so your top technical talent is fully engaged and supported.
  • Workplace Assessments. A comprehensive review of a key individual in the context of their workplace situation and relevant legislation.   These often come about because the “fit” between an employee and their work context is not working as well as it might.  The aim is to provide practical information, suggestions and recommendations that are helpful to both employees and employers in a particular context at a particular point in time.


For Coaches and Consultants: 

  • Professional Development Training.  Top Stream regularly provides professional development to coaches, psychologists and consultants.
  • Collaborative working.  Top Stream can work collaboratively with you to deliver added value to your clients.
  • Coaching Case Consultation.  Ways to differentiate your coaching to work with a particular individual.
  • Consultation on differentiating your offer with neurodiversity in mind.  Shaping your provision to fully engage different kinds of minds.

 For Top Stream Talent of the Future:

  • Free telephone advice for bright young people aged 15-25.  This service is particularly aimed at those who sometimes find it hard to “fit in”. Top Stream will act as a sounding board and, if we can, signpost you to services and resources.
  • Parents are also welcome to call.

All services provide by Top Stream are grounded in research and evidence from neuroscience and neurodiversity.  Top Stream works independently, collaboratively and with a range of skilled, trusted associates. 





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