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Sally Moore, Chartered Psychologist, HCPC Registered Psychologist and Executive Coach is the founder of Top Stream. Formerly an NHS Consultant Clinical Psychologist and Head of Service, Sally also has a background in Organisational Behaviour. With over 15,000 hours experience working with clients, she is a “people geek”.


Top Stream’s Story

“I moved from a senior clinical and managerial role in the NHS – one of the world’s largest organisations – into Executive Coaching because I was interested in how people experienced their working lives and relationships. I was also curious about applying my knowledge where there was no need for people to have a diagnosis. Most of my clinical experience has been with children and families so I know a lot about how brains that develop differently impact on behaviour, performance and relationships.

There was one group of young people where my usual tactics needed to be applied in different ways– these were often very bright, gifted children who, while academically very talented, found other people and the world difficult to manage. Many of these young people had Asperger’s Syndrome, a form of high functioning autism. Some did not have a diagnosis but had many of the features so we would work with them using the same strategies. We worked with the young people themselves and concurrently with those around them – schools and parents – to get the best outcomes.

As I listened to the stories told by businesses, consultants and coaches about the very real challenges they faced with getting the best from brilliant people, it occurred to me that many of the strategies that have come out of research with people who have Asperger’s might be very useful for those with similar characteristics. So I decided to set up Top Stream”

Sally Moore, Chartered Psychologist

Collaborative working.

Top Stream collaborates with a range of other businesses, organisations and professionals to deliver the best services to meet client needs. These include Business Psychologists, Technology Consultancies, Mediation Specialists, Psychometric Experts, Organisational Development Specialists , HR Consultants and Executive Coaches.

We especially welcome collaborating with “Top Stream” talent themselves.

If you would like to work with Top Stream, contact us.

Top Stream gives back

Most neurodiversity research has been carried out on clinical populations where the focus has been on those faced with significant barriers to good life chances. In recognition of this, a proportion of Top Stream’s profits are donated to charities that work to help people access opportunities most of us take for granted.

Top Stream offers Internships and work experience to graduates with an interest in neuroscience, technology and business.

Top Stream aims to offer low cost support to the next generation of “super geeks” – young people in school or college who achieve to exceptional standards academically yet find dealing with other people challenging. These services are presently delivered in schools local to Ipswich, Suffolk.

If you are a young person, parent or teacher interested in finding out more, contact us.

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