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Do you provide services to high technology businesses, universities, professional or financial services?  Do your client organisations employ some of the brightest people and do they want to get the best performance from them?  Do they want their highly technically skilled people to collaborate more, relate to customers or work in a team?

How do you differentiate your offer for people who have brilliant, highly technical but less social minds?  How can the best fit for both the individual and the business be achieved?

Top Stream works collaboratively with HR specialists, Consultants, Coaches, Business Psychologists and Specialist Recruitment Services to bring the science of neurodiversity – how different brains work – to organisations that want the best performance from their brightest talent.

Better awareness, understanding and acceptance of neurodiversity leads to better outcomes.

Top Stream:

  • Collaborates with you to bring a cutting edge research and evidence-based approach to your clients.  This is designed to complement and add value to what you already do.
  • Provides training on the science and application of neurodiversity in business.
  • Provides supervision and consultation on neurodiversity.
  • Makes it our business to keep up with the latest research and science in neurodiversity and the ways it can be applied

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