Different Brains

Are brilliant minds essential to your core business?

Do you employ scientists, technologists, engineers, mathematicians (STEM), researchers, academics or specialist professionals?
Does your business use technology more than ever before to save or make money?

Do any of these seem familiar?

‘He’s brilliant at what he does but if only he was as good with people.’
‘He thinks in a clever but very different way – how do I get the best out of him?’
‘He’s got a brain the size of a planet but ..
• …. he isn’t working well in the team.’
• …. he pays far too much attention to detail.’
• ….he misses deadlines.’
• ….he doesn’t get the commercial perspective.’
• ….conversations are awkward.’
• ….he can come across as rude and arrogant.’
• …he doesn’t really fit in.’
‘He solves the most complex problems, is very nice, but odd.’

Getting the best out of your brightest talent is essential. It is increasingly common for employers to want both technical skills and the social competencies essential to leadership, teamwork, collaboration and customer service. Demanding, expecting or developing social competencies in highly technical people can be a challenge akin to getting a square peg in a round hole. The approach taken often involves getting the square peg to be more round. If this doesn’t work, the peg inevitably gets stuck.

Neurodiversity – the science of differently wired brains – offers some insights into why these sticking points happen and what to do about them. Many people with a high level of technical skills receive, process and use information in ways that means they excel in understanding rule-based technology and machines. This same thinking process makes the unpredictable rules of social systems and commercial environments very challenging.

Top Stream uses strategies derived from research and many years experience of working with neurodiversity to round the square pegs and square the round holes. We work with your brightest talent and those around them to get the best-fit, best performance and best outcomes.

Top Stream Services

For your Top Stream talent:
• Strengths based assessments and development plans
• Coaching for performance, wellbeing and success
• Executive Coaching for those in leadership roles

For your organisation:
• Strengths based assessments for individual employees.
• Audit and consultancy – Top Stream talent in your business
• Executive Coaching – getting the best from your Top Stream talent
• Training for line managers and internal coaches
• Mediation – for when things get stuck.

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