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This blog is about how to get the best out of brilliant brains in the workplace.  We will celebrate all things boffin, geeky, nerdy and just plain clever.    In our increasingly knowledge based economy, businesses can only benefit from understanding and engaging with different kinds of clever minds.  By doing this, businesses can create environments that maximise the fantastic assets of this top talent – and effectively manage challenges that can arise.

Drawing on the science of neurodiversity – the science of differently wired brains – the Top Stream blog  addresses issues in the workplace arising from high IQ and traits or “splashes” of autism.  It focuses on some of the cleverest, creative minds, the people they belong to and what they need to perform, flourish and succeed in their working lives.

“In a world changing faster than ever, honoring and nurturing neurodiversity is civilization’s best chance to thrive in an uncertain future.”  Steve Silberman, 2013

We aim to encourage positive language relating to neurodiversity.  While there are times and places where the language of diagnosis, syndromes, conditions or disabilities are undoubtedly important, there is also room for the language of discovery, acceptance, strengths, talents and differences.

We will explore a new opportunity for savvy businesses looking to gain a competitive edge, a new frontier for diversity and inclusion and a way for some of the quirkiest and cleverest to find their place in the world of work.

Coming next: “Reasons why businesses should bother about neurodiversity.”
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About the Top Stream blog.

This blog is written and curated on behalf of Top Stream by Sally Moore, Chartered Psychologist. The idea is to inform, promote discussion, and make the science of neurodiversity available and accessible to new audiences. Some funny stuff may creep in – when different brains connect, there is a serious side but it creates some comedy too. There will be contributions from guest writers, interesting interviews, research updates and first hand stories of people’s real life experiences. If you would like to be included or have a story to tell, please get in touch!

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