Supergeeks and Neurodiversity: An Opportunity.

Business needs Supergeeks.

In a technology driven and knowledge-based economy where creativity and innovation are key, particular kinds of thinking are essential. STEM (Scientists, Technologists, Engineers and Mathematicians) are key to this. They are in short supply. It’s important businesses are able to recruit, retain and get best performance from these brightest of minds.  Specialist talent employed for exceptional brainpower can sometimes struggle with change, communication of ideas and some of the social aspects of the work environment. These are the supergeeks. Their characteristics are qualitatively similar to traits of autism, a form of neurodiversity.   This offers businesses a new way to understand this highly specialized talent and get the best from them. Famous supergeeks include Alan Turing, Bill Gates, Albert Einstein and Steve Jobs.

Neurodiversity – the science of different brains.

Different Brains

Neurodiversity goes beyond the usual understanding of diversity to include differences in how people think and make sense of the world. The idea that different neurologies, specifically autistic traits, are a natural human variation is only just beginning to be recognized in business. Research into autism over the past 20 years has given insight into how these different minds experience working life and what they need to thrive. Importantly, this knowledge can be applied without any need for formal identification of any condition and many of the strategies go down well with others simply by making managers better at what they do. A business might look at these ideas for its “supergeeks” and find that leadership and management skills improve across the whole organization. Neurodiversity can sit well with what businesses already do to develop their managers, particularly in thinking about how to flex management style for different people. It is not so much about what is done but how.

Where one good idea can be worth millions, businesses that truly understand supergeeks and can provide an environment designed for and with them will be at a distinct advantage in terms of attracting, retaining and getting the best from exceptional minds.


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