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Top Stream works to help brilliant people perform, flourish and succeed in their working lives.

You have innate talent or you are an exceptional academic achiever. You have all the skills and qualifications. You are recruited and rewarded because of what you do and how you think. You work hard, you don’t give up in the face of a difficult problem, you have great ideas, and you pay a lot of attention to detail. Your work is hugely important to you and it’s key to the success of your employer.

As time goes on you are increasingly expected to have a more commercial focus, to collaborate with others, to take on some leadership responsibilities, to be part of a team or to deal with customers. Your intellectual and technical brilliance is no longer enough. You have to think in a different way and deal a lot more with people.

If you find the intellectual or technical side of work comes much easier then the people or corporate stuff, you are not alone. It’s very common, particularly in STEM (Scientists, Technologists, Engineers and Mathematicians) professions. You are also in very good company – people like Newton, Einstein, Bill Gates and Steve Jobs are often described in this way. It’s also a pattern of strengths and challenges that has a lot of similarities with Asperger’s Syndrome or high functioning autism.

It’s different for everyone but some of these may seem familiar:

• People tell you that you think in a very different way.
• People don’t always know how to get the best out of you.
• You are known for your rational decisions.
• You seem to notice and remember things other people don’t.
• You are the voice of reason but others don’t always agree.
• You have a preference for development opportunities designed with you in mind.

Top Stream is about helping you be your best and reach your potential without having to become something you’re not. By building on your strengths, we give you ways to:
• Be your best and most effective self at work
• Manage your performance
• Learn about how you think and how it impacts on what you do
• Get a good working relationship with your manager.
• Progress your career
• Be self confident
• Work effectively with others
• Stay resilient under pressure
• Manage change
• Work with people who think very differently to you.
• Help your manager and employer understand how to get the best performance from you.

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